Visitor Center for Le Corbusier and Eileen Grey

Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France
Prof. Arch. Marc-Henri Collomb
Spring 2009

Located on a steep slope between the railroad and the Mediterranean sea, this particular site in Cap Martin (France) is for hosting Le Cabanon by swiss architect Le Corbusier and the vacation house of his friend Eileen Gray. Up to now this area was closed to the public and very difficult to visit, the goal of this intervention is to transform it and open it to the public.
The intention of the project is to not interfer with the existing buildings, which are like fragile relics sitting quietly by the sea, and will stay invisible from the top and when exploring the site. Therfore the building is located on the higher part of the site and is carved below the path that goes around the coast in order to create in one single effort both the physical access to the area and the spaces required to welcome the visitors. Those, will be guided down the site by the building itself inviting them to slowly discover the site terrace after terrace, building after building, starting from Le Cabanon.