lorenzomeschini architecture

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, USA
Prof. Arch. Heinrich Schnoedt
Spring 2011

The main goal of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation is to preserve and monitor the bay as well as educate and inform the population about its condition. The foundation is planning to build a new headquarter next to the bay entrance in a way to be in a key location. The new complex is located as closer as possible to the water in order to be able to see the whole bay and being in a central position for educational activities (on the shore and in the new complex) and monitoring the bay. It stands alone on the shoreline as a landmark, visible from the closeby bridge and the distance, to clearly mark the presence of the foundation on the bay. The group of buildings appear as a strong and regular volume from the outside and they create a dynamic and irregular outdoor space in between, connecting all the functions of the foundation together. The new central plaza is strongly introverted and it denies the surrounding landscape, which is already present on the way to the building and all around it, creating a less distractive athmosphere.
ground level
auditorium level