lorenzomeschini architecture

Chesapeak Bay Foundation

Blacksburg, Virginia, USA
Prof. Arch. Heinrich Schnoedt
Spring 2011

The assignment for this ten days project was to create a space to exibit 52 chairs, one every week of the year, on a small duckpond next to our campus. The pond is characterized with 2 small isles with high density of vegetation.
My proposal is to create a space with the smallest footprint possible and where all the focus is on the chair and the quality of light that illuminate it. The small tower stands on the biggest of the two isles, in the middle of the vegetation, where it partially reaveals his presence from the outside and where it rises just above the trees where it caches the light for the inner space. The outside volume is splitted in two from a glass band at the ground level to allow light topenetrate the underground service spaces and create a crown of light that allow the tower to float above the ground.