High Density, Low Rise

London, United Kingdom
Prof. Arch. Jonathan Sergison
Fall 2011

Planned to be demolished, the big post office building on Oxford street (London) is going to leave a big empty plot which we envision filling with a dense housing project while keeping it’s size low in relation to the surrounding area.
Due to the strong contrast between the busy and commercial Oxford street and the residential needs of the program, the idea was to create a series of introverted spaces with different public grade to allow people to escape the city life and meet in a more quiet way. In order to achieve this idea the buildings work together to create a solid and continuous boundary along the perimeter of the site, showing a more closed and continuous volume towards the outside, related to the urban scale, and a more fragmented and low one towards the inside, related to the pedestrian scale.
Another important aspect for the development of the idea was the strong presence of little alleys around the neigborhood that allow the crossing of the city blocks. Therefore the intention was to extend those existing passages and allow people to walk through and around the buildings in a similar way as those narrow passages.
ground floor
typical floor