Housing in Milano

Via Scaldasole, Milano, Italy
Prof. Arch. Marc-Henri Collomb
Spring 2008

Via Scaldasole is located just around the corner from the area of Porta Ticinese in Milano. It was once a street full of small stores and local activities, today there is not much left from these old times and it’s just a passage between two busy areas. The site is at the moment empty and it is located half way into to road where the street turn and change direction creating and interesting duality with the rigidity of the urban grid.
The proposed volume aims to complete and redefine the urban grid and public spaces while looking for an balanced relationship between the full and the void.Filter elements are applied on the facades in order to provide privacy and control light in the interios spaces while giving an omogenous and variable appearance of the building.
ground floor
first floor
second floor
third floor
roof plan