New Case Study House

An abstract plane
Prof. Arch. Christian Sumi
Spring 2012

During this work we started to analyze the projects from the Case Study House program, announced by John Entenzaand in 1945, and focusing on their typology, perception, construction systems and representation.
We were asked to formulate a double program for our proposal which was to be imagined on an abstract flat site. The idea of a tea house, connected to a library, fascinated me since my earlier trip to China where I had the chance to get closer to the tradition of the tea and it’s importance in the society.
Since we were not able to define a site, the concept was to organise the different spaces allowing them to establish different relations with the external spaces. Every function (entry, tea house and library) is developped around a patio offering the visitors a different perception of the space according to it’s function.
Consturction wise we also asked to investigate a few material’s alternatives, such wood or concrete, and study their details while trying to understand how the space would change with them.